Monday, September 28, 2015


This week was pretty awesome!  On Tuesday we went to the Church pear farm to do some service (picking up sticks from a field... literally picking up twigs haha).  It was perfectly timed so we were able to pick ripe pears that were left over from the harvest. Fresh off the vine Asian pears are the BOMB.

We also were able to go to the temple this past Tuesday. That was amazing except for it went long and we missed our dinner appointment as well as a teaching appointment :/.

We did a lot of knocking doors this week. So lots of cool conversations and some people who didn't want to talk to us :).  The coolest thing that happened this week was we were looking for a former investigator that a missionary who used to be in this area told us to talk to. We decided to walk and as we were walking down the street we started a conversation with a guy named Martin (marteen) who was reading a comic book on his porch.  He has talked to missionaries before and is excited to talk to us again. We gave him our number and said we'd be back, but he has a very full schedule.

After that we were walking down the street and remembered another lady who had told us to come back when her husband was home (we thought she wanted that because he'd be more mean) but we found him outside fixing a vacuum. His name is Brother Fidow, he is from Samoa, and was baptized there while enjoying the youth programs.  He had later gone inactive after joining the military, but he seemed excited to possibly get his children involved in the youth program.

The funny  part of this whole story is that we never located the house that we were originally trying to find (but we are going to try again later). God has a plan.  Prayer works.  God and Christ love all of the children of God. By trying to be more like them, we can help people realize their true potential. The church is true. Missions teach you a LOT, and I love you all!

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