Monday, September 28, 2015


This week was pretty awesome!  On Tuesday we went to the Church pear farm to do some service (picking up sticks from a field... literally picking up twigs haha).  It was perfectly timed so we were able to pick ripe pears that were left over from the harvest. Fresh off the vine Asian pears are the BOMB.

We also were able to go to the temple this past Tuesday. That was amazing except for it went long and we missed our dinner appointment as well as a teaching appointment :/.

We did a lot of knocking doors this week. So lots of cool conversations and some people who didn't want to talk to us :).  The coolest thing that happened this week was we were looking for a former investigator that a missionary who used to be in this area told us to talk to. We decided to walk and as we were walking down the street we started a conversation with a guy named Martin (marteen) who was reading a comic book on his porch.  He has talked to missionaries before and is excited to talk to us again. We gave him our number and said we'd be back, but he has a very full schedule.

After that we were walking down the street and remembered another lady who had told us to come back when her husband was home (we thought she wanted that because he'd be more mean) but we found him outside fixing a vacuum. His name is Brother Fidow, he is from Samoa, and was baptized there while enjoying the youth programs.  He had later gone inactive after joining the military, but he seemed excited to possibly get his children involved in the youth program.

The funny  part of this whole story is that we never located the house that we were originally trying to find (but we are going to try again later). God has a plan.  Prayer works.  God and Christ love all of the children of God. By trying to be more like them, we can help people realize their true potential. The church is true. Missions teach you a LOT, and I love you all!

Monday, September 21, 2015


I've had a good week. Nothing super exciting to report, I got my bike up and running so that's nice! I love biking here, we get to say hi to everyone, which we can't do in a car.  I love that!

It started to cool down so now the hot days are 85 instead of 103. We also got some rain which I loved! There's an elderly couple in the ward who asked us to come and mow their lawn and the only day we could was on a rainy day. We were going to mow anyways but we couldn't get the mower started.

So it's all chill. Well like I said, not a lot to report but I love you all!  Remember that God and Christ love you more than you know!

-Elder Andrew Deppe

Some recent photo's of Elder Deppe at Zone Conference from the OEMRussel blog:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


So needless to say it's been a pretty exciting week. We flew to Oregon
last Wednesday (9/9) and that was kinda funny, 30 missionaries walking
through the Seattle airport definitely turns some heads (haha). We got
to Eugene and my mission president and his wife are the best! I got to
go knock on doors that first night and everyone turned me down but it
was so fun!

Well most of you probably know that Elder Nathan Poston is
my companion! He's awesome! It was really funny but there was a room
full of trainees and trainers, like 30 companionships, and he and I
got called last. I'm learning so much from him and we are learning a
LOT together because he's only been out 7 weeks now.

I think the coolest experience we've had is we were out trying to find
someone that the sisters had contacted before and we knocked twice and
figured no one was home so we started walking away.   Halfway up the
street I got the feeling we had to go and knock one more time. So
we went back and they answered!  We have a lesson planned for this

Then we were walking to another appointment and a
guy yelled at us asking if we were Mormons.  He said he could tell
because we carry ourselves differently than like Jehovah's witnesses.
So that's cool. We had a long talk and everything we said made sense
to him, so we exchanged numbers and homework (he gave us some bible
verses and we gave him a Book of Mormon), and we are going to call him soon.
Anyways it's awesome here! I'm excited for what we have planned
this week.

Love you all!
-Elder Andrew Deppe

Photo of a service project from this past Saturday:

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A note from the Rose family

We received this kind note and shared photo from a family in Medford Oregon:
"Sis Poston and Sis Deppe, I promise that I don't normally do this but I am so excited for your sons ( and you!) that I had a share a picture of Elder Poston (trainer) and Elder Deppe (trainee).  What a choice experience to be working together!  :).  I am sending these pictures AND letting you know that P-day this week will be a day late….so don't worry, mail will come and all is well!  :)

We had them over for dinner tonight and they asked us to role play with them so they could teach the restoration.  We played along and put them to the test.  They gave an amazing lesson addressing each of our questions and "concerns" very well.  Most of all…. the spirit was very strong.  What a powerful team these two will be!

And I am excited for your journey as well….something SO special about having a missionary in the field.  Take care and know your sons are happy!    Barb Rose, Medford 8th ward"

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Elder Deppe's arrival are detailed by President and Sister Russell on their OEM Blog.

 Part One

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Some photos they shared: