Sunday, September 13, 2015

A note from the Rose family

We received this kind note and shared photo from a family in Medford Oregon:
"Sis Poston and Sis Deppe, I promise that I don't normally do this but I am so excited for your sons ( and you!) that I had a share a picture of Elder Poston (trainer) and Elder Deppe (trainee).  What a choice experience to be working together!  :).  I am sending these pictures AND letting you know that P-day this week will be a day late….so don't worry, mail will come and all is well!  :)

We had them over for dinner tonight and they asked us to role play with them so they could teach the restoration.  We played along and put them to the test.  They gave an amazing lesson addressing each of our questions and "concerns" very well.  Most of all…. the spirit was very strong.  What a powerful team these two will be!

And I am excited for your journey as well….something SO special about having a missionary in the field.  Take care and know your sons are happy!    Barb Rose, Medford 8th ward"

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