Monday, September 21, 2015


I've had a good week. Nothing super exciting to report, I got my bike up and running so that's nice! I love biking here, we get to say hi to everyone, which we can't do in a car.  I love that!

It started to cool down so now the hot days are 85 instead of 103. We also got some rain which I loved! There's an elderly couple in the ward who asked us to come and mow their lawn and the only day we could was on a rainy day. We were going to mow anyways but we couldn't get the mower started.

So it's all chill. Well like I said, not a lot to report but I love you all!  Remember that God and Christ love you more than you know!

-Elder Andrew Deppe

Some recent photo's of Elder Deppe at Zone Conference from the OEMRussel blog:

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