Monday, November 9, 2015


We had some pretty cool experiences this week. The highlight was on Wednesday we went to teach a lady named Michelle the plan of salvation. It was amazing seeing her eyes light up as she started to understand God's plan for her, and her potential. She had prayed about being baptized before we came over. She had felt the spirit tell her that baptism is the path that Heavenly Father wants for her. Michelle has a Lot of challenges in her life, and she already has such a powerful faith in Christ and what he's done for us that she stays joyful through them. She is so happy whenever we come over and she tells absolutely everyone she talks to about us! She already talks about the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as "my church"!  She came to church this week and loved it! I'm so excited for her!

Another really cool experience was elder Marcus B. Nash of the seventy came to zone conference on Saturday to speak to us. It was so spiritual and amazing. He spoke a lot about being bold missionaries, and how faith in Christ brings power to our work. On the night before the zone conference we had a 4 other missionaries stay at our apartment and I can say with confidence that never before have I been so grateful for the companion I've been blessed with. I know God loves all of his children and that he knows everyone personally and knows your name. He sees us all for what we could be and not for what we are, and he rejoices as we come closer to that potential he sees in us. Love you all!

-Elder Andrew Deppe

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