Monday, November 16, 2015


This week was awesome! We saw a lot of growth in our investigators and we contacted a ton of people. The bad news is one of our investigators on date had to push her date back, but two of her sons are now preparing to be baptized with her! They are all preparing to be baptized on December 15! That is Reina and her sons, also, her oldest son at home, Henry, is a less active member. He set a goal for himself to read the Book of Mormon all the way through before the end of the year, when we stopped by on Friday night he had been reading almost 20 pages every day! 

Michelle is so excited to be baptized on December 5, she has been baptized twice before into different churches but it never felt right to her, she knows it will feel right this time. We have another investigator, named Jeri, she is catching a lot of flak from her family for reading and studying the Book of Mormon. When we left our lesson on Wednesday she said she wouldn't be available to meet again until after thanksgiving. The next morning we got a text from her asking if we could meet 2-3 times a week! We were going to do that until her father had a medical emergency and she had to travel to California with him.  She asked us to pray for her to "not succumb to her family's negativity towards her studies". 

We see a lot of little miracles, many times there are so many in one day that I don't have time to write them all in my journal before 10:30. I love my mission so much and I'm training myself to truly open my eyes to gods hand actively affecting the people around me and myself. 

-Elder Andrew Deppe

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