Monday, October 26, 2015


This week was awesome! We taught some awesome investigators and I'm excited to see them progress more. One thing I've definitely seen a LOT this week is how much people notice their member friends and how good they are. Almost everyone we run into knows a member. The only bad stories about Mormons that I've heard so far were from someone who heard a story from a friend of their cousin's dog!

We have some amazing members in our area. Everyone in a 1 mile radius of their homes know exactly where all of the Mormons live. We left our bikes in a neighborhood overnight and a random lady (who the member didn't know) called this sister because she wanted to make sure we were ok. Never forget that EVERYONE notices you, keep being good examples!

Our mission president had some really awesome specialized training on Saturday. We watched a video about Christ and his last week in Jerusalem. Afterwards our president said something that hit me like a brick wall. He said while in tears: "they crucified my friend". The spirit hit me so hard. He loves me and he loves all of you!

So I forgot to mention transfers last week. Nothing really changed for me. I'm still stuck with the worst companion in the whole mission... JUST KIDDING! Elder Poston is AMAZING, I'm learning so much from him and he's so good at just talking to people and being friends with them. But anyways I'm here in Medford 8th Ward for at least another 5 weeks and I love it here! I hope I'm here over the winter because it's a lot more mild here than Eugene.

Anyhow I need to go, but I love you all! Have a great week!

-Elder Andrew Deppe

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